Launching Brand on Arkana

Apply as a Brand launching in Arkana by filling out this form.

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Brand Identity on Mission Page

  • Brand Name

  • Brand Cover Image (100px * 300px). Canva Template.

  • Brand Description

Brand Mission Page

  1. Brand Icon (100 px * 100 px OR 1:1). Canva Template.

  2. Mission Cover Image (135 px * 270 px OR 1:2). Canva Template.

    • We provide the pre-built cover images for mission for:

      • Discord

      • Twitter

      • Facebook

      • Instagram

      • Tiktok

      • Minimum spending

    • For the custom mission, you need to send us your own custom image with a 1:2 ratio. Let the left part of the image empty, we will generate the number of points.

  3. Mission points (do not include this in Mission Image). The number of points will be generated automatically.

  4. Mission description (and link if necessary)

  5. Availability date ("anytime" or "expired" within a certain date)

Brand Description

Write a short paragraph for your brand.

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